Quotes about coaching and teambuilding


If you do enough small things right,

big things can happen.

/John Wooden

Top players specialize in what they control:

– Attitude

– Communication

– Body language

– Work ethic

– Preparation

– Energy

/Gary Curneen

Mistakes are a part of the building process.

Mistakes have to be made.

How you act when you make mistakes

 is of paramount importance


Moody players can cast a dark cloud over a practice.

The leaders of a team can NEVER accept that.

Be consistent & positive!

/Brittney Ezell


The better your attitude,

the better the attitude of your team;

the better your chances are of accomplishing goals.


Your best players have to unite and inspire the group…

otherwise, they’ll divide the group.

/Jeff Van Gundy

Your attitude is just as important as your talent.


Stay focused.

Your start does not determine

how you’re going to finish.

/Herm Edwards

Learn to hold a team together.

Lift some up, calm others down,

until finally they’ve got one heartbeat.

Then you’ve got a team.

/Bear Bryant

Unity is strength… when there is teamwork and collaboration,

wonderful things can be achieved.

/Mattie Stepanek

Progress is rarely a straight line.

There are always bumps in the road,

but you can make the choice to keep looking ahead.

/Kara Goucher

Team play is built in practice.

/Dean Smith

Förtroende är det bästa en tränare kan ge sin spelare oavsett ålder.

Allt annat är sekundärt.

/Magnus Grahn

Att träna så mycket som krävs, det är också en talang.

Har du inte den dedikationen, då blir det inte bra.

/Nicklas Lidström

Usain Bolt kan inte springa 100 meter på 14 sekunder på träning

och sedan springa OS-final på 9,70.

Ungefär samma tänk har vi.

/Henrik Signell, tränare för Sävehofs damer


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